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I recently read this book n I loved it coz me being African I’m always told by the women around (aunts,mum,relatives) that a woman is suppose to be submissive to her husband (I don’t mean the 50 shades of grey kind😉😉) more like a housewife in the 50s people assume that all women should cook,clean n be at their husbands beck and call I mean don’t get me wrong if u like being like that then that is u but not all of us want to live like we are teens again depending on our parents for our every need so this book basically taught me that when someone tells me again what kind of woman I’m suppose to be I’m suppose to as them why? Cause no one wrote it somewhere that we r all suppose to be the same  (we r not Samantha dolls) society should stop telling women what to be,Not all women want to depend on a man for all their needs if we did then I would MIT have worked so hard in school all this years I would have stayed home and perfected the art of being a housewife.


Every place I’m at I seem to fit out I try to find a place where I belong a place to call my own I life I can be proud of and most of all to be able to stand on my own two feet and find comfort in this life .The search continues the search for my unicorn island by lilly singh. Queens are born n not made 



I still fall on my face sometimes and I can’t colour inside the lines I’m perfectly incomplete I’m still working on my masterpiece and I wanna hang out with the greatest,got a long way to go but its with the wait,no u haven’t seen the best of me I’m still working on my masterpiece… Jessie j this song reminds me of a time where I tried to change to please other pple but it was never enough but I’ve come to love myself the way I am I’m perfectly incomplete.

I try 

Sometimes I wake up stare at the window afraid to leave my bed wondering y I had to open my eyes wishing I could just sleep till I have the courage to face the world and without the blues turn on the radio n try to listen to some tunes to help me gather the courage to face the day ahead.

New year resolutions

I know its like a tradition to this thing but what’s the use 98% of the pple don’t follow them its like going for an inspirational talk n coming out empowered that u will do so many things we both know that is a lie so I never bother I just always have one resolution each year stay alive I know what kind of rule is that if u are or have ever been to college u would understand y this is my one resolution we have no sense of direction yet so many decisions are made so that we are not to be bored which makes other  pple to end up doing some stupid drank stuff might be fun but so many pple have had their share of traumatic events on such occasions

The things that my brain spits out

I always have conversations in my head with like some other pple n they seem to respond so I thought y not start a blog n share what we tell each other in my head and no I’m not crazy coz I haven’t gone to be tested yet n I’m not 51/50 so let the thoughting or thinking begin we are going to have so much fun by we I mean the pple in my head n u