To hope or not to hope

I recently came across a YouTube video the guy was talking about how he was depressed most of his 20’s and 30’s and all this was because he had hope that he would be rich and have all the girls he wanted. This got me thinking that maybe living life without having that much hope for what the future might hold might actually lift some weight off my shoulder but then again not having hope might not give me something to look forward to. I have this rule that not to put that much faith in people cause it will only create room for disappointment (I know what you are thinking,who hurt you) it has gotten me this far but then again the relationship I have are very few and not that strong. So the question really is to hope or not to hope??

In limbo

I have just finished a huge step in my life just finished university a month ago I know what you are thinking wooohoo no more school but that was not my case. In my life each step was planned for as soon as I turned 3 years old pre school then middle school then senior then high school after that university but their is no exact  answer to what comes next yes I did have a major in university but half the people don’t do what they majored in just at the point of my life where I don’t know what is next and I do not know what to do


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I recently read this book n I loved it coz me being African I’m always told by the women around (aunts,mum,relatives) that a woman is suppose to be submissive to her husband (I don’t mean the 50 shades of grey kind😉😉) more like a housewife in the 50s people assume that all women should cook,clean n be at their husbands beck and call I mean don’t get me wrong if u like being like that then that is u but not all of us want to live like we are teens again depending on our parents for our every need so this book basically taught me that when someone tells me again what kind of woman I’m suppose to be I’m suppose to ask them why? Cause no one wrote it somewhere that we r all suppose to be the same  (we r not Samantha dolls) society should stop telling women what to be,Not all women want to depend on a man for all their needs if we did then I would not  have worked so hard in school all this years I would have stayed home and perfected the art of being a housewife.


Every place I’m at I seem to fit out I try to find a place where I belong a place to call my own. A life I can be proud of and most of all to be able to stand on my own two feet and find comfort in this life .The search continues the search for my unicorn island by Lilly Singh. Queens are born n not made


I still fall on my face sometimes and I can’t colour inside the lines I’m perfectly incomplete I’m still working on my masterpiece and I wanna hang out with the greatest,got a long way to go but its worth the wait,no u haven’t seen the best of me I’m still working on my masterpiece… Jessie j this song reminds me of a time where I tried to change to please other people but it was never enough but I’ve come to love myself the way I am I’m perfectly incomplete.

I try 

Sometimes I wake up stare at the window afraid to leave my bed wondering y I had to open my eyes wishing I could just sleep till I have the courage to face the world and without the blues turn on the radio n try to listen to some tunes to help me gather the courage to face the day ahead.